Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your business every day of the year!

Have a new car? Protect your investment with a full vehicle wrap to keep resale value! The use of Supreme Wrapping Films allows us to offer a service that has several benefits as well as an amazing outcome for any vehicle. With an outstanding life expectancy, your vehicle is being protected 24/7 from all the damaging factors that deteriorate a vehicle’s original showroom shine. Every covered inch of your vehicle will be protected from weathering, rocks, and many natural causes. Also at the same time maintaining your original paint! These vinyl films will protect your paint job, while protecting surfaces vulnerable to stone chips, bug damage, abrasion, and weathering.

Promote your business with a full or partial vehicle wrap from MEGAPRINT. Ideal for cars, Trucks, SUV's, Boats, Trailers, Buses and Motorcycles. Vehicle wraps WORK 24/7/365 and are the most inexpensive way to advertise and promote your business every day of the year at the most competitive prices. If you can imagine... We can turn your big idea into reality... Call (956) 333-4911 • Email: